Ice Hockey Equipment

In sports there is a unique set of equipment that is required for each player to wear while playing the game. This equipment helps to ensure their safety on the field or in this case on the ice.

Ice hockey equipment is specialized for the particular sport to focus on areas of the body that are common for injury.


Helmets come in a range of sizes and adjust for comfort. They are mandatory and very crucial in the protection of the players. The helmet has a mouth guard which is required. The helmets have an optional face cage that protects their face. In ice hockey the goalies always wear the face cage due to the puck flying at them at all times.

Neck Guard

A neck guard is a part of ice hockey equipment. However, it is optional for all players except the goalie. It protects the neck and throat from flying pucks, skate blades and the occasional hockey stick that may be swung in the wrong direction.


There are two types of pads that ice hockey players wear. They are the shoulder pads and the elbow pads. The shoulder pads protect the upper body area. The pad is bulky but does not keep the player from moving accurately on the ice. The elbow pads are for all hockey players instead of specific position players. Not only do the elbow pads protect the obvious, but they protect the forearm and triceps area of the arm.

Shin Guard

The shin guard is a hard like shell that protects the leg, shin and knee area. Unfortunately this guard does not give any protection for the calf area of the leg. Shin guards come in a variety of sizes therefore a player will need to get fitted for the one that fits best.


The jockstrap is crucial to all sports including ice hockey. Whether you are a guy or a gal the sport of ice hockey requires that it be worn. In the case for ladies it is known as a pelvic protector. The jockstrap or pelvic protector is worn on the inside of the clothing.

Pants and Gloves

Hockey pants are not your average pants. They are an extra piece of protective gear that is specifically worn for the sport of ice hockey. The protected areas are the thighs, pelvis, hip and tailbone.

The gloves are also a protective piece of ice hockey equipment. They protect the top of the hands from hits from the hockey stick or puck. With these gloves there is a reinforcement area for the thumb which helps it from getting bent backwards and broken.

Skates and Stick

In all sports there are the particular items that are needed or the sport itself could not be played. With ice hockey the skates are a crucial element to getting on the ice. They are made of a hard shell that is designed to protect the foot and ankle from injury. The hockey stick is the customary item for this game just like a football is for the sport of football. The stick is made of wood and comes in many styles and lengths so as to be accommodating for each individual player.

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